PATRICIA KUSHNER / Artist - Selected Works
Artist Statement

For most of my life, I have been creating art, working with my ideas about people, emotions and feelings.  I wish to capture and portray, not just the physical and external self, but, more importantly to me, our inner selves, our relationships to each other, and to the world at large.
The human figure is the genesis of my work.  I have created a simplified human figure to express the essence of who we are.  The figure I use represents our human selves, evolving and growing in a rapidly changing and complicated world.  It is my vehicle to talk about us, as people, living in the shifting landscape f our contemporary lives.
When working with ideas about communication, I feel there is a whole world within each person, a world rarely seen due to societal, cultural and other limitations, which form a barrier to true communication and to our really 'knowing' one another, to seeing into each other's hearts and souls.  Will burgeoning technologies and mass global communication take us into the future as a glorious tapestry of humanity, or will we draw back, become more insular, fearful and alienated from each other?

The method I use regarding my painting and photography, is to create small mock-ups or prototypes, collaging different items together, setting them down as sort of idea maps for the larger works.
Another part of my working process involves scouring through thrift stores and junk shops, collecting various objects which I then incorporate into my large mixed-media sculptural pieces.
My art is intrinsically about moving forward through life with love, hope and optimism.

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Artist Statement"FOR PSALM 23""COVENANT" (2015)
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"KALEIDOSCOPE" (2012)"BLOOM" (2012)"WONDER" (2011)
"REUNITED" (2011)"MATHEART" (1992)"SUBURBIA" (1979)

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